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Remember that different chiropractic tables may have additional specialized features or accessories based on the manufacturer and model. If you’re looking for specific chiropractic Table parts, our online stores specialize in replacement chiropractic table parts. Whether it’s a Zenith Table, Chattanooga Table, Hill Table, Leander Table, or Omnitable, these suppliers offer a wide range of components to keep your table in optimal condition.

Omni Table Parts

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Omni Table Parts

Due to the LARGE SIZE of the website; ALL USED OMNI TABLES, NEW OMNI TABLES, AND OMNI TABLE PARTS have been moved their own site.

We are trying to make it easier to find the Omni Table Products you are looking for.

Omni Tables has its own Web Store with New & Used Omni Tables and Omni Table Parts. 

 Please visit The OMNI Table site. Click Directly Below.

Omni Table


We carry a wide array of Omni table parts. We have Omni gas cylinders, Omni table springs, Omni cervical elevation springs, Omni table cushions, Omni table hinges, Omni table knobs, Omni table paper holders, Omni table power cords, Omni table drop springs, and many more Omni table parts. We have parts for Omni elevation tables and Omni stationary tables. We also carry parts for the Omni air drop tables. Give us a call for your Omni table part order today. 

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  • Economy Chiropractic Table Moving Dolly

    Economy Chiropractic Table Moving Dolly

    Economy Chiropractic Table Moving Dolly 1000 LB. CAPACITY 30-1/4" L x 18-1/2" W x 5" H This High quality, professional chiropractic table moving Dolly with 100lb swivel wheels which allows easy movement of equipment. Durable four castor design...
    MSRP: $39.99
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