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How do I find my serial number On My Hill Chiropractic Table?

How do I find my serial number On My Hill Chiropractic Table?

Posted by " Jay the Table Guy" on Sep 30th 2023

How do I find my serial number On My Hill Chiropractic Table?

To find your serial number on your Hill chiropractic , locate where the power cord exits the base of your table. Look under the cervical end of the table for a Black label with 6 numbers on it. 

 The Hill Chiropractic table serial number Can Tell you the age of the table and is required on some parts. 

Example Below:  Serial # 070142

The First 2 Digits are the Year  =  2007

The Second 2 Digits are the Month = 01 January

The Last 2 Digits is the Number order of the table  = 42 nd Table

My Hill Table is broken, how do I know what part I need to fix it?

You have several Options for assistance in finding the correct part for your Hill Chiropractic Table. 

1. If you know what the Part is called, then First Try our Hill Table Parts Link Below. 

2. If you need technical assistance in identifying a Hill Table Part or group of parts or to fix an issue after our business hours, please use our Chiropractic table parts Contact us page link.

3. If Possible, PLEASE send us picture of your broken Hill Table Part via to Our Ring Central Desktop Text system @ 1- 256-562 8044. Make sure and Include your Name also, as we get 40 to 50 text pictures a day! 

4. You can also contact a LIVE HUMAN Being by phone Monday thru Thursday, from 9am-4pm central time and Friday 9am to 2pm central Time. 

If we are unavailable, you will have the option to leave a voice mail.

USA Customers can Order your Hill Table Part by Phone. Our Office MAIN Number is : 1-256-245-8390

Outside of the United States: 001-256-245-8390 

Fax: 1-256-369-1779

Product billing for will show on your credit card billing as "Access Equipment Corporation"