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How to Properly use and Install  your Gas Charged Paper Holder upgrade!

How to Properly use and Install your Gas Charged Paper Holder upgrade!

Posted by "Jay the Table Guy" on Apr 5th 2023

How to Properly use and Install your Gas Charged Paper Holder upgrade!

My name is Jay, I am the designer of your new Upgraded Paper Holder.

* On some of the OLDER Zenith Tables, the paper Holder bracket was made for a nail head (they used a nail driven into a wooden paper dowel). The holes in the paper holder bracket will be too small to fit the end of the Upgraded Paper Holder. You will need to drill your existing bracket with 1/4-inch bit on each end.

See picture # 2 on website

I uploaded an image of the old Paper Holder bracket to the website showing this.

Once you have received your new, Upgraded Paper Holder, I would like you to do a 3-step practice run on a desk or other solid surface to understand how my Upgraded Paper Holder works. That way you will be happy with your purchase!

Practice Steps

1. Hold the bottom part of the cylinder in your non-dominant hand. You are just holding this part to keep it from slipping on the table. NO need to grab it hard and choke it unless you are into that.

(At we do not judge either way)

2. Make a peace sign with two fingers (most Drs. want to wrap their hand around the entire washer and then try to push it in) but if you do this when it is on the table, your hand will bind on the front steel bar and you will say "What a piece of shit"... So please just use 2 fingers.

3. Compress the 10LB gas spring down by pulling back on the washer. Practice this several times. It only needs to move about 2-3 inches on the table, not the full compression.

After the warmup, you are ready to install the paper holder on the table.

1. Load the paper on the paper holder

2. With the washer facing towards the head of the table, put the shaft and nut in the hole on the rear end of the table.

4. Compress the upgraded paper holder with the peace sign and slide onto the bracket.

5. Wiggle around if needed till the Upgraded Paper Holder locks into the hole on the front end of the bracket.

This paper holder also works on Omni Tables, Chattanooga Tables, and several other brands. Once securely locked into the front & rear hole of the table, this paper holder is not to fall out & roll around on the floor like your OLD paper holder did.

Product billing for will show on your credit card billing as "Access Equipment Corporation"