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​How do I find the Serial Number on my Lloyd Galaxy Table?

​How do I find the Serial Number on my Lloyd Galaxy Table?

Posted by " Jay the Table Guy" on Jul 8th 2024

How do I find the Serial Number on my Lloyd Galaxy Table?

To find your serial number on your Lloyd Galaxy Table, look for a black sticker on the cross or Z frame under the pelvic section at the rear of your table. 

The Lloyd Galaxy table serial number is required on all parts you order from Lloyd Mfg.

Example Below: Serial # 65991

My Lloyd Table is broken, how do I know what part I need to fix it?

You have several Options for assistance in finding the correct part for your Lloyd Chiropractic Table.

1. If you know what the Part is called, then First Try our Elite Table Parts Link Below.

2. If you need technical assistance in identifying a Lloyd Table Part or group of parts or to fix an issue after our business hours, please use our Chiropractic table parts Contact us page link.

3. We are now using a TEXT to my Desktop Computer program to receive pictures and texts.

Send Pictures to 256-562-8029. Please Include your FULL Name on the first line of text if its the first time you contact us.Make sure and Include your Name also, as we get 40 to 50 text pictures a day!

If you call the Text Number, it will allow you to leave a voice message, but it does NOT allow us to talk.

Use the MAIN office number to Talk with us 256-245-8390 .